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Choosing a watch for a guy: a short review of the best watches in 2017

Most of the men are very passionate about wearing a watch because it helps them wear an attitude that no one else owns. Boys are always aware of the brand and styles of different watches and they’re sure about what watch is going to suit them the best but the situation gets a bit complicated when a girl goes to buy a watch for a guy because she has no idea of what’s going to work best for that guy.

In this case, some girls take help from their male friends to choose a watch for their boyfriend while some of them are shy enough to tell someone about their boyfriend. The only thing that can help them is the internet where they can read the review of several guys about the watches they like. But this doesn’t solve their problem, because most of the times, they end up choosing a watch that has become outdated.

This may make you feel bad in some cases. However, if you want to stay away from embarrassment while buying a watch for your boyfriend, you must take a look at our review of the best watches in 2017.

And if you are a guy who doesn’t have any idea of choosing a watch and a female friend has confused you by asking the questions, then don’t worry because you’re going to find the solution to your problem here.


Rolex is the perfect luxury watch brand if you’re looking to give a gift to a loved one. Hans Wilsdorf introduced this brand in 1905 while he was living in London. A Hispanic employee suggested the name of the brand. He suggested the name to be Relex but Wilsdorf changed it to Rolex. The Rolex is one of the best and well-known watch brands in the world.

If you’re looking to give a luxurious gift to your boyfriend, then nothing can be better than the Rolex. And believe me, your boyfriend is going to love this gift.

A. Lange & Sohne

It is another popular brand but it isn’t as popular as the Rolex. However, they make excellent quality watches and their watches are famous all around the world. You’ll get several luxurious and lightweight watches in this brand. They even provide you the opportunity to get your watch customized according to your needs.

Vacheron Constantin

It is a pocket-friendly but luxurious brand. If you have some budget issues, don’t worry, because you can easily get a luxurious watch for your boyfriend at very reasonable rates. The style and looks of the watches they make are amazing. They give a tough competition to other top brands because their watches are not only cheap but excellent as well.

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