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When it comes to jewelry design, one has to be creative, unique and must have an understanding of color, shapes and the concept of design. Sure its easy to string a few sterling silver Beads with Swarovski crystal beads and call it a bracelet, but to create a masterpiece that involves wire twisting around sterling silver beads, or intertwining Swarovski crystal beads in ways where a flower can be created as a pendant or even shapes of animals, it takes time to master and of course the love of beading. Using glass beads gem stone beads with jewelry findings to create earrings, pendants and even broaches can be as simple as twisting a few pieces of beading wire with crimp tubes, sterling silver Beads and gem stone bead to create a masterpiece. The new trend of 2006 jewelry creation is the use of sterling silver alphabet bead, as we know Italian charms are quite popular now days, but even more popular is creating a bracelet with your own name using these sterling silver alphabet beads.

Mix and match sterling silver Beads with glass beads and use our top of the line of jewelry making supplies and be sure you will be hooked in this fashion trend of making your own jewelry without paying an arm and a leg to purchase them from the mall or any other jewelry store.

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