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How To Fly On A Private Jet Cheap

Short answer – The cheapest way of flying private is getting a friend who has a private jet and invites you on the flight. But not everyone has a rich friend who owns private jets.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be rich to enjoy a private jet flight. However, you may feel a bit classy when you realize that you don’t have to take off your shoes at security and go through the long lines.

Therefore, if you want to know how to fly on a private jet cheap, then you are in the right place – check out Jettly private jet charters ! This article is just for you.

In this article, we will discuss various cheapest way and ideas that can take you to the sky without making a hole in your pocket. Let’s begin!


Remember that there are arrays of companies who are looking to break through the rigid private jet industry by offering private flying experiences to normal people who do not own jet planes.

They give away membership clubs as well that can be used for flying on a private jet in cheap rates. In addition to these companies, there are also apps that can help.


Private plane rentals are no longer for pop stars only. There is a host of startups with innovative ideas that can help you charter a whole private jet for yourself (without breaking the bank!) There are startups that give common options; such as:

RESERVE – You can book a seat on a scheduled flight

HITCH – You can book the empty seats on small planes, which take short-haul flights.

CHARTER – You can hire an entire private jet just for you. The price range starts from 1000 USD.


There are companies that let you and your friends travel in a private jet in a special deal. You will be surprised to know that these private jet planes cost less than the cost of an economy ticket! You will get points with each flight that you can choose to use later.

There are apps and websites that let you find another travel which is also looking for an economical way of travelling and travel with him or her at a special rate, which will also be cheaper than an economy ticket.


Join a private jet club and feel like a celebrity 30,000 ft. above ground! These membership clubs offer you many deals of flying at urgent notice. You can arrive 15 or 20 minutes before the takeoff; instead of running in two hours before the takeoff.

These memberships will let you access the glamorous flights at reasonable and comparatively cheaper rates. There is also the option of monthly membership subscription if you travel frequently. There are also companies that offer cards or subscriptions that are time-limited.

There are a lot of facilities and luxuries that a jet membership can offer. You can look up on their websites and see for yourself!


So, with all these options around, maybe it is time that you avoid business class flights and take a private jet.

Chartering private jets is more affordable and reasonable than you think. So, if you are looking for a good experience without having to worry much about the money – get a private jet next time!

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